Learning Starts at Infancy and Never Ends



Infancy is a crucial time for parents and babies alike.


The most important years of a child’s life. It is when they crave knowledge and are hungry to learn.


Toddlers love to explore and discover, they experiment with new emotions on a daily basis


Students are introduced to the concepts of thinking, knowing, questioning and communicating.

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5 Reasons Reading to Young Children is Important

. Most people have great memories of the bedtime story.  Having an adult read a book to a child as they’re preparing to go to bed is one of the great traditions of our society.  But reading to your children isn’t just important for helping them fall asleep, there are many advantages bestowed upon children ...

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How to Safely Clean Children’s Toys and Surfaces

One way that germs survive and thrive is on children’s toys.  If you think about it, toys get handled constantly, are often shared and end up on the ground, in children’s mouths and in all sorts of unsanitary conditions.  Keeping toys clean can help prevent the spread of germs and keep your children from getting ...

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4 Benefits Your Child Learns from Daycare

For several decades, sending children to daycare was a normal occurence that was never questioned.  However, today’s parents have begun to wonder if daycare is the right option for their children.  There’s much more emphasis on home schooling than there ever has been and it appears there’s a yearning for a bygone era where children ...

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Why Learning Through Play is Important for Children

It’s been found that children do not differentiate between play and learning.  This can be especially meaningful in daycare situations where a significant part of the day is set aside for play.  To find out why learning through play is important for children, we’ve come up with a list of skills that can be affected ...

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